SignCraft Magazine Follow-Up
March/April 2004, page 32

"Judi Peterson - More Window Splashes Than Ever"

Our business has been growing for the last 20 years. When we were first featured in SignCraft ten years ago, the staff was Allen Waite, Dennis Mortensen, and me. Now there are ten of us! The range of services we offer has expanded, too. In addition to painting window splashes, now we also provide quality hand lettering, custom signs, wall art, murals, designer faux finishes, dimensional letters, banners and more. Over the years we've gone from painting for a few hundred businesses each year to over 3000 each year.

Most of my crew is made up of baby boomers around 50 years old. There doesn't seem to be as many young people learning the trade. Each of my artists is an independent contractor, so in addition to being talented and experienced, they also need to be dependable and have their own equipment and transportation. Since they're independent, they can work their own hours and days, work jobs they get from their own advertising and cold calling, and can decide if they want to do the work I find for them or not. But with 20 years in the business, I have a solid reputation for high quality and dependability - so I keep them pretty busy.

It's an arrangement that works out for everyone. Running a business is time consuming, which is why my sign painters have been with me for so long. They enjoy going out and using their artistic talents without having to spend a lot of time dealing with the customers and doing all off the business work it takes to advertise, run an office, and answer phone calls.

The staff today consists of Allen Waite (14 years), Dennis Mortensen (13 years), Dave Rutherford (9 years), Don Monzon (7 years), Bill Harrell (6 years), John Dahle (5 years), Barbara DeWein (5 years), Mohammad Aslam (3 years), Patrick Shields (3 years) and me.

I really enjoy the sign business, but I also have interests outside the shop. My husband of 33 years, D.J., is still the most supportive and easy-going guy in the world. We have three children and a fun life. In our spare time, I'm "PonyTails the Clown" and he's "Howdy Do Dat?" the magician, and we perform at birthday parties and special events (visit their website at We also play in a blues/rock band called Rhythm Vandals. And I still love gardening and have over 300 rose bushes in our yard!